Antique, Coin & Collection Auction – August 7 at 1:00 pm

See link below for auction list and pictures.  Highlights to include: Sterling & Gold Bullion, including 1/10 oz 2015 Graded Gold Eagles; 10 ozt 999 Silver Bar; Morgan & Peace Dollars; Elegant Glass; Art Pottery; Sterling & Gold Jewelry; Toys; Musical Instruments; Trains; Comics; Steins; Hummel Figurines; Unicorn Farts and Much More – See Link Below for Pictures and List.

(740) 334-7024

Auction May 29 – Coins, Collectibles, Antiques & More! (Ice Cream not included)

Upcoming Auction on Sunday May 29 at 1:00 pm.  List & Pictures Below.


Antique, Coin & Collectible Auction
Sunday, May 29, 1:00 pm
76 N. 1st Street, Newark Ohio,
(740) 334-7024,

Glass & Pottery: Fenton Burmese Basket, Hobnail Basket Pink, Stretch Glass Bell, HP Bells Christmas & Others, Hen On Nest, White Hobnail, Blue Basket, Hand Painted Animals, Silver Crest Vase, Amberina Vase; Heisey Rose Etch Cream & Sugar, Bella Rose, Cheese Compote, Cambridge Rose Point Stems, Lunch Plates; Tiffin Twilight Blue Vase; Art Glass; Ruby Glass; Ruby Flash Souvenir; Carnival Egg Plate, Ohio State Glasses; Victorian Pickle Castors; Hull Pottery Hen on Nest, Cookie Jars M&M; Longaberger Baskets & Pottery; McCoy Pr Frogs, Crock Pitcher; Hull Nesting Bowls, Crocks.


Collectibles, Furniture, Toys & More: Oil Lamps; Snack Jar; Lights & Lantern; Ice Cream Scoop; Rolls Razor; Children’s Dish Set & Pans; Strainer; Washboard; Radio; S&P Sets; Hummel Figurine with Christmas Tree rare; Black Forest Mantle Clock; London Mantle Clock; Refrigerator Dish Set; RCA Dog Mirror; Bud & Coor Signs; Coca Cola Neon Sign Working; Uncle Sam SIgn; Postal Scales; Draft Beer Keg; Popcorn Machine; Steins; indian Baskets & Bowls; Pressed Steel Texaco Truck, Pickup Car; Diecast International Tractor, Trailer, Bailer; HO & N Gauge Cars; Dolls; Viewmaster with Cards; Diecast Pencil Sharpeners; Yard Flamingos; Cap Guns – Hubley, Texas Jr, Gene Autry Belt BUckle; Roy Rogers Mug; Cash Register; Radio Pan Am Jet in Box; Mallory Hat in Box; Knox Hat in Box; Turkey Roaster; Car Buffer; Minnow Traps; Advertising Fruit Box; Child’s Piano; Swords; Routers; John Deere; Dominoes; Antique KaleidoScope; Toy Tank Collection; Trains – Marx, N, O Gauge; Wood Train Model; Autographed Baseball; Surround Sound System with 4 Speakers; Cedar Dressers (2); Drum Table; Lamps; Kirby Sweeper with Attachments – Many Good Box Lots.
Jewelry & Coins: Sterling Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces; Waltham Hunter Case Pocket Watch; Zippo Lighters – Corvette & Advertising; 14k & 10k Fine Jewelry; Morgan & Peace DOllars; Silver Eagles & .999 Bars; Franklin & Walking Liberty Halves; Mercury & Barber Dimes; Lincoln & Indian Head CEnts & Many More Coins.

Robert Wilson, Auctioneer
Cash & Check Accepted Check
Pictures & Full List:

Coin List – May 15 Auction at 1:00 pm

Coin List Added Below – Click Link for PDF or view pasted below for convenience.



  1. WWII Dime Set
  2. Cherished Dimes Set
  3. Barber Dimes Set
  4. Morgan Silver Dollar 1897-O
  5. Morgan Silver Dollar 1896
  6. Morgan Silver Dollar 1889-O
  7. Morgan Silver Dollar 1900
  8. Morgan Silver Dollar 1900-O
  9. Morgan Silver Dollar 1900-O
  10. Morgan Silver Dollar 1896
  11. Morgan Silver Dollar 1883
  12. Morgan Silver Dollar 1879
  13. Morgan Silver Dollar 1888-O
  14. Morgan Silver Dollar 1882
  15. Morgan Silver Dollar 1882-O
  16. Morgan Silver Dollar 1883-O
  17. Morgan Silver Dollar 1884-S
  18. Morgan Silver Dollar 1891
  19. Morgan Silver Dollar 1896-O
  20. Walking Liberty Half 1942
  21. Walking Liberty Half 1942
  22. Walking Liberty Half 1947
  23. Walking Liberty Half 1936-D
  24. Walking Liberty Half 1941-S
  25. Walking Liberty Half 1940
  26. Walking Liberty Half 1946
  27. Walking Liberty Half 1944
  28. Large Cent 1846
  29. Standing Liberty Quarter 1930
  30. Barber Quarter 1915
  31. Walking Liberty Half 1943-S
  32. Walking Liberty Half 1945
  33. Walking Liberty Half 1942-D
  34. Walking Liberty Half 1942-S
  35. Walking Liberty Half 1942-S
  36. Walking Liberty Half 1917
  37. Seated Liberty ½ Dime 1853
  38. Mercury Dime Set 1942, 42, 42
  39. Mercury Dime Set 1943, 28, 26
  40. Mercury Dime Set 1941, 27, 36
  41. Mercury Dime Set 1944, 17, 19
  42. Mercury Dime Set 1941, 42, 43
  43. Standing Liberty Quarter 1929
  44. Mercury Dime Set 1937, 28, 40
  45. Mercury Dime Set 1934, 25, 19
  46. Canadian Silver Commemorative Dollar
  47. Canadian Silver Commemorative Dollar
  48. Canadian Silver Commemorative Dollar
  49. 1 Troy Ounce Silver Round
  50. Mercury Dime Set 1917, 42, 45
  51. American Silver Eagle 2006
  52. American Silver Eagle 2006
  53. American Silver Eagle 2008
  54. American Silver Eagle 2009
  55. American Silver Eagle 2009
  56. American Silver Eagle 2009
  57. American Silver Eagle 2009
  58. American Silver Eagle 2009
  59. American Silver Eagle 2009
  60. American Silver Eagle 2006
  61. American Silver Eagle 2016
  62. American Silver Eagle 2016
  63. American Silver Eagle 2000
  64. American Silver Eagle 2001
  65. American Silver Eagle 2001
  66. American Silver Eagle 2003
  67. American Silver Eagle 2012
  68. American Silver Eagle 2012
  69. American Silver Eagle 2012
  70. Morgan Silver Dollars 1921 Choice (4)
  71. Roll Kennedy Half Dollars 40%
  72. Last Ten Years Mercury Dime Book\
  73. (2) $1.00 Silver Certificates
  74. $2.00 Red Seal 1928
  75. Silver Certificate 1928 Funnyback
  76. Mint Set 1969
  77. Proof Set 1968
  78. Proof Set 1969
  79. Proof Set 1970
  80. Proof Set 1969
  81. Symbols of Freedom Set
  82. Founding Father Franklin Half
  83. Lincoln “Wheat” Cent 1909-S VDB
  84. Peace Dollar 1928
  85. Lincoln “Wheat” Cent 1914-D
  86. $2 ½ Dollar Indian Head Gold
  87. American Gold Eagle 1/10 oz




May 15 Auction – Key Date Lincoln Cents, Rare Neon Signs & More!


Upcoming Auction on May 15 at 1:00 pm.  Highlights to include: 1909-S VDB & 1914-D Lincoln Cents; 1928 Morgan Dollar; Meadow Ice Cream Neon Sign; Kentucky Derby & State Fair Double Sided Sign; Silver Eagles & Other Bullion; Elegant, Depression, Art & Carnival Glass; See Below for more Detailed List.


Antique, Coin & Collectible Auction
Sunday, May 15, 1:00 pm
76 N. 1st Street, Newark Ohio, (740) 334-7024,

Advertising Signs; Toys; Furniture; & Collectibles:  Kentucky Derby & State Fair Double Sided Sign; Coca Cola Bottle Shaped Thermometer; 25 Cent Working Slot; Neon Meadow Gold Ice Cream Sign VERY RARE; Cardboard Coke Signs; Punch Cut Coke Tray Sheet; Various Feed Bags with Good Graphics; Glass Oil Jars with Wine Rack; Texaco Signs; Maxis Tire Sign; Atlas Cement Sign; Pennzoil Sign;Mesh & Enamel Handbags; Foot Stool; Smoke Stand; Weather Vane; Pocket Knives – Varied Selection, American & European Made; Black Sambo Dart Target Game; Cast Iron Banks; Building Bank; Keywind Clock; Cuckoo Clock; Diecast Cars; Tin Windup Race Cars; Dolls; Battery Operated – Train, Bear, Dog; Lunch Box; Cameras; New Boots; Graniteware Pan; Sears Air Compressor Works Great; Walnut Table; Wood Barrell; Milk Crate; Army Gas Can; Metal Baby Buggy; Cardiogram Cardiac Heart Portable Machine Great Shape rare; Box Lots of Tools & Misc Items;Wood Airplane Propeller; Pellet Rifle; Electric Guitar; Cap & Ball Black Powder Pistol; Ruger 10-22 Rifle with Scope and Extra Banana Clip.

Glass & Pottery:  Fenton – Hand Painted Baskets with Plum, Blue Crest, Custard Hand Painted, Bells, Burmese, Blue Slag Covered Dish, H.P. Eagle, Ducks, Swans, Cats and much More; Indiana Flash Glass; Northwood Opal Blue Bowl; Milk Glass Ship; Caprice Mayo with Spoons; Cambridge Wines, Nude Stems; Hull Console Bowl; Goebel Hummel Figurines; Campbell Soup Figurine; Salt & Peppers – Coca Cola, Squirt+; Set  4 Pyrex Bowls; Johnson Bros Dishes; Crocks & Jugs; Milk Bottles with 1 Little League Player Graphic; Daisy Butter Churn; 5 Lite Candle; Longaberger Canisters; Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar with Salt & Pepper.

Jewelry & Coins:  Sterling Rings & Bracelets; Costume Jewelry; 14k & 10k Gold Rings; 14k Necklace with Diamonds; 992 Hamilton 16s Railroad Pocket Watch; Small Ladies Watch; 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent, 1914-D Lincoln Cent, Morgan & Peace Dollar s including 1928 Morgan Silver Dollar; 1/10 ozt American Gold Eagle; Walk Liberty & Franklin Halves; Indian Head Cent; Silver Eagles; Buffalo & V Nickels; + Many More Coins, Full List Available Thursday Before Auction. Many Good Box Lots & More Fantastic Items to be Unpacked – See and website for pictures.

Robert Wilson, Auctioneer
Cash & Check Accepted Check
Pictures & Full List:


Auction April 3 at 1:00 PM Coins, Collectibles, Antiques & More


Antique, Coin & Collectable Auction
Sunday, April 3, 1:00 pm
76 N. 1st Street, Newark Ohio, (740) 334-7024

Glass, Pottery & Porcelain: Heisey Nut Dishes, Etched Plates, Cups, Bowls, Ashtrays; Fenton Sanda Candle, Hobnail Basket, Blue Hand Painted Signed PItcher; Imperial; Carnival; Depression; Porcelain; China; Crocks & Bowls; Pottery Mugs; Hall Teapot; Westmoreland Glass; Porcelain Vases & Bowls.

Collectibles, Toys, Fishing & More: Hobart Commercial Coffee Grinder; Fire Extinguisher; Galvanized Water Can; John Deere Little Girl Bird Bath 30” Yard Ornament; Precious Moments; Hummel; Josef Original Figurines; Cookie Jars; Jim Beam Decanter; Carriage Clock; Longaberger PItcher & Basket; Sterling Cobalt Candle;Apothecary Jars; Seiko Melody Wall Clock; Pig Bank; Salt & Pepper Sets – Pigs, Bakers, Bottles; Flatware Set; Milk BOttle – Danville, Mt VErnon, Wooster; Court House Pate; Sad Iron; Oak Leaf & Acorn Shelf Brackets; Blowtorch; US Stamps Vintage Box Full; Advertising; Lanterns; Concrete Lions Head; Cowbell; Eagle Weathervane; Wine Making Bottle; Antique Brass Handled Curved Sword; 1894 Lever Action BB GUn; Newark Phone Book; Crackle Glass Lamps; Large Size Lionel Set in Box; HO Train Sets; Cabbage Patch Doll in Box; Lionel Construction Erector Set; Barbie Dolls NIB; Pressed Steel Trucks & Wagon; Tin Windups Motorcycle, Race Car, Monkey Tightrope Walker; Matchbox Crane Truck; 57 Fastback Battery Op Ford; Books;Games – Monopoly, Sorry NIB; GE Alarm Clock; Canes – Horsehead+; Hunting & Pocket Knives – Imperial, Western, Hen & Rooster; Lighters – Zippo+; Fishing – Rods & Reels, Tackle Boxes; Lures – Rinehart Newark OH in Box, Heddon, Fred Arbogast, Frog, Many IN Box; Coleman Stove in Box; Advertising, TNT & Cheese Boxes; Radio Flyer Scooter, Pictures & Frames; Jeff Wood Autographed Music Posters; Super Hero Comics – Marvel & DC, Silver Age – Bronze Age – More.
Watches, Jewelry & Coins: Pocket Watches & Wristwatches – 23J Waltham Vanguard RR Watch; Sterling Rings, Bracelets, Chain Necklace, Earrings; 10k Gold; Cufflinks; Lodge Pins; Morgan & Peace Dollars; Silver Eagles; Walking Liberty & Franklin Halves; Silver Rounds & Bars; Special Mint Sets; Proof Sets; Indian Head Cents; Wheat Ents; Barber Quarters & Halves; Mercury Dimes+.  Much more to be unpacked, see auctionzip and website for updated list and pictures.

Robert Wilson, Auctioneer
Cash & Check Accepted

Upcoming Auction on March 20 at 1:00 pm


Upcoming Auction on March 20 at 1:00 pm
List & PIctures Below.

Antique, Coin & Collectable Auction
Sunday, March 20, 1:00 pm
76 N. 1st Street, Newark Ohio, (740) 334-7024

Advertising, Collectibles, Glass, Pottery & Knives: Sinclair lighted clock; Neon guitar sign; Whistle Soda sign; Winchester, Pepsi signs, 2 sided International Builder sign; John Deere-Detour Road sign; 32“ John Deere yard ornament; Tractors, cookie jar, John Deere thermometer; Die cast cars; Dayton Ohio toy dump truck; Postcards ; Milk bottles – Galeno and Newark; Mossberg 22 Bolt Action 545B; 1894 Marlin 12 gauge pump with hammer rare; Model 10A Remington pump 12 gauge; Wolf Magnum 50 caliber with Barska scope; Instruments- SE Olds trumpet, Cavalier trumpet, Peddler Clarinet; Knives – Vietnam Case XX Boot Dagger, Hen and Rooster, German Bull, Buck, Case XX+ with many new in box; Toy Trains – HO & N Gauge; Star Wars Comic Books; License Plates 1940s – 1970s; Arrowheads and flint pieces; Hummel Figurines MIB; Precious Moments Figurines; Art Mantle clock, Howard Miller Grandfather clock (works). Glass, Pottery Carnival glass & Opalescent Bowls; Fenton Cake Stand; Imperial, Erickson, Fostoria American, Mosser Cambridge, Heisey Cream and Sugar, salts, stems Cornucopias; cut glass vase with sterling base; pottery pot and vases; Candlewick glass; cake cooler; Lanterns; iron skillet; soldering iron; scoop; panes; small and large washboards; cross saw; butter churn; wristwatches; marbles; Pocket Watches – Railroad Grade+.

Sports Autographed Memorabilia, Silver + Gold Jewelry & Coins: Kobe Bryant basketball, Beanie Wells Jersey; Peyton Manning football, Johnny Manziel baseball ( all signed), 3 OSU Cardale Jones #19 jerseys XL signed; Pocket Watches – BW Raymond RR Grade, Father Time RR Grade, Elgin+; Sterling rings, necklaces and bracelets; box lots jewelry; sterling ring with diamond, 10k gold opal ring; sterling candles Morgan and Peace dollars, several Silver Eagles, 40% Kennedy Halves Rolls; 1oz bar and rounds, Walking Liberty and Barber halves, Mint Sets 1960-1964, more coins.

Robert Wilson & Charles Thomas, Auctioneers
Cash & Check Accepted Check
Pictures & Full List:

Auctioneer License Information: 2004000170

Auction – Militaria, Coins, Antiques, Collectibles & More – February 28 at 1:00 pm

Antique, Coin & Collectible Auction
Sunday, February 28, 1:00 pm
76 N. 1st Street, Newark Ohio, (740) 334-7024
Glass & Pottery: Fenton bell, bear and elephant, Amberina compote, toothpicks, footed hobnail candy with lid, Carnival bowl; Heisey bowl, divided dish, Belle Le Rose goblets and wines, Sahara nut dish; Cambridge salt and pepper, snack plate; Imperial amber lion dish, Heisey mold pitcher and Madonna; Ohio State glasses; milk bottles-Kelly, Home Dairy, Galion Ohio Andrews; Wade Ireland ashtrays and mugs; Hull  pottery bow not vase; Robinson Ransbottom; Thomas Kincaid plates; cookie jars; lamps; picture frames and watercolors; Indiana ruby glass; 
Collectibles, Toys, Militaria, Fishing & More: Ohio art spinning tops; twelve gauge boxes and shells; doll furniture; fire truck; Tudor sports car, horse race games; cowboy guitar; Bushnell binoculars; sad irons; cast iron bookends; cross saw; potty chair; wash tubs; picnic baskets; forty five record player; 7-up and Coke-a-Cola cases; stereo viewer with cards; marbles; cameos; die cast cars; Tootsie Toys; Hot Wheels with two red lines; die cast soldiers; N gauge trains; coke tray; large doll; bartender; Uncle Sam bank; Rewnell visible engine; advertising signs- Texaco, Whistle Soda, Budweiser; five gallon cans- Mobile, pennzoil, Pure oil; clocks- Ingram banjo, 8 day cuckoo clock,  Waltham wall clock; 5 gallon crock; Nazi German helmet with liner and white eagle swastika; Nazi flag 28×50; WWII Nazi German African Helmet; Austrian WWII Bayonet;  Nazi Repro dagger and youth knife; BB pistol, ammunition tin and belt patch;  photographic photos; pocket knives and hunting knives- Hen and Rooster, John Wayne, Billy the Kid, several other vintage knives; fishing tackle, reels and lures in box, Rinehart Jinx  several in box lot; World War II 24  volumes; large shell grenade blocks.
Jewelry & Coins: Sterling silver rings, bracelets and necklace chains 14k white gold with diamond; 14k ruby with diamonds; 10k ruby ring; box lots of costume jewelry and artist signed; silver eagles; 1oz rounds; Morgan and Peace dollars;Walking Liberty and Franklin halves, Barber halves, quarters and dimes; large cents; $2.50  gold coin.
Much More Available To Be Unpacked – please check website and id 7525 for more pictures & updated list.
Robert Wilson & Nona Harrah, Auctioneers 
Cash & Check Accepted 
Check Pictures & Full List